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Calming and Soothing tea image depicts Lemon Ginger and Chamomile Tea in their box within their gift box along with tea filters and a custom note. The two teacups show what the teas look like once brewed.
Calming & Soothing Care Package

Calming & Soothing Care Package

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Send the gift of relaxation. This package pairs pure, whole-flower, Chamomile Tea with Jacqueline’s homemade Lemon Ginger blend of lemongrass and dried ginger. These wellness teas include medicinal herbs praised for their ability to calm and soothe the body and mind.

In addition to 4oz of beautifully packaged herbal teas, this box includes two-weeks worth of unbleached paper tea filters, a sample of our Spa Day blend, and a hand-written note to your loved one. Add your personalized message to the “Gift message” box during checkout.